Technické parametre priestorov

VIOLA centrum pre umenie / klub

Kapacita: 55 miest

Stage equipment

Stage parameters:

Length: 4.92 m

Width: 2.8 m

Height: 2.45 m (from stage to ceiling)


6 classic stage lights + 4 LED colour stage lights – fully adjustable


2 microphones Shure SM58

1 microphone Shure 565SD

2 microphones AKG D5

2 wireless microphones Shure PG58

2 instrument microphones Shure SM57

1 instrument microphone AKG P2

2 condenser microphones AKG C1000

Remote controlled Digital Mixer Behringer X Air XR18 (16x in XLR/Jack)

DI Box

2 reference monitors

PA - 2x front, 2x rear box

1x sub bass box under the stage


Projection and presentation

Optoma DLP Projector HD50 - connectivity: HDMI

It is possible to darken the room completely.

VIOLA centrum pre umenie / divadlo

Kapacita: 88 miest

Stage equipment

Stage parameters:


Lightning control zero88 : FLX S48

2x Profilo led 200

2x PCLED 200 dmx

4x scena LED 80 - RGB

4x scena led 80 - White

2x profiled 150 zw dmx


mix : Yamaha MGP16x

PA: 2x Yamaha IF2208, Yamaha PX3

Denon DN-30dz (cd, usb, sd)

3x Headset Microphone - Nude Madonna Style Mini

1x wireless microphones Shure

1x microphone Shure 58

Grand Piano YAMAHA C2X

Projection and presentation:

Optoma DLP Projector - connectivity: HDMI